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If you prefer private transport over public transport, then it's good to know that Malaysia offers quite a few vehicle options, from affordable passenger cars, to roomy MPV's. Even comfortable vans are available. These have capacity for up to 12 passengers.

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Incidentally, taking a cab will always turn out a bit more costly than going by bus or coach of course. That being said, going by taxi offers several benefits that a bus can never offer. For one, collection time of passengers is decided by you when you go by taxi. And the same applies to both the pick-up and drop-off locations. In other words, as opposed to having to go to a bus stop, the taxi service is door-to-door.

Another awesome benefit when taking a taxi from one country to another is that all passengers can stay in the car during passport control. This privilege doesn't apply to bus passengers. How does it work for bus passengers? Well, all bus passengers have to disembark the bus, with their luggage, in order to make their way to the Immigration queue. This is the case for both Singapore's passport control and Malaysia's.

Bottom line? A taxi offers a fair amount more comfort and convenience. Good to know.