Time Mersing harbour Centre:
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Does Malaysia foil? You bet. Foiling here has taken off in a massive way during the last several years. Foiling has leveled the playing field all over again and brought in fresh blood, fresh gear and fresh ideas. The more recent foil models especially have lowered the bar for many a kiter, quality-wise, price-wise and ease of mastering-wise.

Foiler lapping up the last gusts of the day
Foiler lapping up the last gusts of the day

Better yet: it's awesome fun to explore this brand new world of kiting, especially given its modest learning curve and the way it's made radical kiting even more accessible. A word of warning though: Foiling is extremely addictive. Enter the sport at your peril :)

But yes, if you're into foiling, by all means bring your foil, or rent one from our shores. Either way, clearly you're bound to have some major fun here.