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If you want to see a lot of Malaysia's sights, then inevitably you'll have to do some traveling around to get from A to B. Luckily, Malaysia has an advanced bus system, including countless destinations. The main reason for this is the relatively large size of the country and the fact that the kampongs, the villages, of yesteryear were just about everywhere.

There are settlements in every nook and cranny in Malaysia and traditionally the only way for the folks to cover the distance between these, for example to visit relatives, the annual so-called balek kampong, was by bus.

Obviously, the dated buses of back then have long since been replaced by newer models and the bus stops too have been modernized. In fact, pretty much the only thing that remains of the old days is the very low ticket price. Traveling by bus in Malaysia is without question cheap.

Use below form to check the cost of the bus tickets to your destination. Better yet, why not book your tickets in advance? Last thing you need is to be stuck in a bus depot as a result of all tickets being sold out. Keep in mind that bus seats tend to be in short supply during weekends, public holidays and school holiday, particularly on routes where there is just one trip per day. Absolute peak season is .

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As most buses go to Mersing just once per day, we recommend securing your bus tickets before your bus is fully booked.

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