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Tioman Ferry

The biggest island in the Seri Buat volcanic island cluster located off the Peninsular Malaysia eastern seaboard, Tioman is a regular Land of Enchantment. Tioman's natural beauty, raw, powerful and still unspoiled, is probably its most popular attraction. For one thing, the island offers a dense emerald rainforest that's practically unchartered to this day.

In addition, Tioman's pristine mountain creeks and various waterfalls are the ecosystems to an abundance of flora and fauna, including several protected species. In fact, a biological survey carried out not too long ago, revealed a cave-dwelling amphibian that was hitherto complete unknown. A new species!

Tioman's recognizable and impressive silhouette is due to Mount Kajang, rising from the jungle, its peak reaching over 1000 meters. This remnant of a once active volcano, oftentimes surrounded by a wispy mist, stands proud as the highest peak of all of the Malaysian South China Sea islands.

The crystal-clear waters surrounding Tioman are positively brimming with corals of all shapes, colors and sizes. Its spectacular marine habitats offer a vast diversity of sea creatures, including whale sharks, dolphins, manta ray, marine turtles and countless species of exotic fish that put on a round-the-clock performance for snorkelers, glass-bottom boat revelers and scuba-divers, alike.

Blessed with endless miles of palm-fringed paradise beaches, Tioman once rightly claimed the “World's top 10 Most Beautiful Islands” award, as according to Time Magazine. Knowing this, it's no surprise to note that there are several grade A+ beaches on Tioman, so swimmers and sun-worshipers, too, will thoroughly enjoy their stay here.

How to get to Tioman Island

Your main objective is to get to the town of Mersing. This is the jumping point from where the ferry to Tioman departs. Once you're in Mersing, head for Mersing Harbour Centre, the tourism portal where all bookings to local attractions and hotels, resorts etc can be placed and tickets of bookings made online can be collected.

Buses are available from most places in both Singapore and Malaysia, including KL, Kuantan, Malacca, Ipoh etc, so click here to book your bus to Mersing. From KL, the bus ride is about a 5-hour journey. If you prefer going by private transport, you can book your vehicle here. You can also inquire first before you book, so go ahead and ask for a quote.

The thing to remember when taking the ferry to Tioman is that the ferry to Tioman tends to have a limited number of seats per day, due to the shallow river mouth of the Mersing River. In practical terms, this means the number of crossings the ferry can do each day is limited by the tides. In other words, it makes a lot of sense to book your ferry tickets early, so you don't arrive in Mersing only to find that the last ferry for that day is full. Ferry tickets can be booked here, by the way.

It's a bout a 2 hour trip, but make sure you arrive in Mersing with plenty of time to spare to collect your ferry tickets and to make your way to the boarding gate.

There are 5 jetties or stops once the ferry reaches Tioman, so make sure you know which jetty or village you need to disembark. The better ticket providers will include this information in their ferry ticket booking confirmation email.

Lastly, bring a jumper along with you on the jetty, because the aircon tends to be set to cold.

Bon voyage and happy holiday!

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